meet tayler

Tayler is a well-established cosmetic and beauty industry professional with over 16 years of experience.

Having graduated from beauty school at the young age of 19, Tayler began her career in salons, but eventually decided to pursue her passion for makeup artistry.

As a single mother at the time, becoming a self-employed makeup artist was not feasible, so Tayler took on a position as a "beauty on-call" for Nordstrom in 2013, which allowed her to gain experience and exposure to various makeup brands.

tayler's story

After working in different sales roles within the beauty department, Tayler's dream of becoming a MAC artist became a reality when she secured a position at the MAC counter.

Tayler found working at MAC to
be an incredible experience, with creative freedom to express her artistry skills and work with clients from diverse backgrounds. 

Throughout her years at the counter, Tayler gained valuable knowledge about skincare, makeup application, and color theory.

Despite the initial fear, she knew she had the skills and passion to succeed.

Tayler's business grew through word of mouth and social media, and she has worked with a variety of clients, including brides, celebrities, and models.

She has also collaborated with other artists and photographers to create stunning images.

In 2018, Tayler took a leap of faith & started a freelance makeup artist career.

She takes pride in helping people feel confident and beautiful both inside and out, and is excited about the many more years to come in this amazing world of beauty.

Tayler looks forward to welcoming new clients into her chair.

Tayler is grateful for the opportunities and experiences she has had in the beauty industry. 

Tayler will teach you step by step instructions on the proper tools, products, and new application techniques! This services is BEST done one on one!

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lessons (non-artist)

This is for aspiring artist who want to learn the professional trade of makeup artistry! This class is a one on one lesson where you and Tayler will work on a model together (not provided) and learn the tricks of the trade.

artist lessons