We offer in-studio services along with travel/off-site appointments. We also offer artist education. For bridal services, please check out our Bridal page instead. 



$125 (1 hr)

Get a full face makeup application that includes lashes (if desired) for any occasion except bridal. Email admin@theartisteditstl.com for on-location service inquiries.

Full Face Makeup Application

Get the full look with a full face makeup application and dry only hair styling for any event (except bridal). 3D lashes are included, but hair extensions must be provided by you.

Full Face + Hair Styling

$225 (2 hrs)

$100 (1 hr)

Come in with clean dry hair and leave with fabulous curls, beach waves, updo, braids, you name it, we can do it, for any event except bridal.

Hair Styling

Clip-ins, halos, toppers, and volume wefts.

Add Hair Extensions to Services

Add $15 to service

$20 (20 mins)

Not a fan of a full face, but want lashes applied to the makeup you did at home? Stop by and we will apply for you.

Just Lashes

Get ready to discover tricks of the trade, receive product recommendations tailored to your preferences, and gain invaluable knowledge that will help you advance your artist career.

With all the necessary tools provided, all you need to bring is a model and a notepad to jot down all the valuable insights and tips you'll receive. Artists are not allowed to bring other artist as their models.

One-on-One Lessons
(Artist to Artist)

$750 (4 hrs)

Book your second class as a refresher for $100 off!

Are you ready to transform the way you approach your makeup routine? Our number one booked service is designed to help you achieve just that - in just three hours! With personalized attention to your desired shades, price range, and skill level, you'll receive a makeup routine that is tailored specifically to you.

Let us help you unleash your full potential as you are able to record the lesson video step by step, and a list of products used is included. 

Learn Your Face Lessons (Non-Artist)

$400 (3 Hrs)

Book your second lesson as a refresher for $50 off!

view bridal services instead

book in-studio appointment


Are you a photographer or client wanting to book one of our artists for an on-location session? Please text us at (833) 650-1993 or complete the form below to request any off site, non-studio appointments. 

$1/ min, to location and back from 63126

Travel fee

$700 for 8 Hours

Discounted Day Rate

$100/hr (minimum 3 hours booked)

hourly rate

off site / travel

thank you! your message has been sent. a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

Get ready to witness the power of makeup artistry like never before!

Our demo classes are designed to inspire and educate, as one of our expert artists guides a group of four or more students through a step-by-step tutorial on a model.

Whether you're an artist looking to upskill and work on clients, or simply a group of women looking to enhance your own makeup techniques, this demo is perfect for you.

We'll start with the basics, making sure you absorb all the important information, before moving on to more advanced techniques (demos must be booked prior to any hands on courses)


Our hands-on classes are the perfect opportunity to take your skills to the next level after completing your demo class with The Artist Edit.

With one of our expert artists guiding you step by step on a model, you and a group of four or more students will work on your own models, repeating the steps and receiving guidance from another artist assigned to your group for more intimate help. This is where the real magic happens!

You'll have the chance to ask questions, work on each other's strengths and weaknesses in real time, and hone your skills like never before.

These classes are perfect for bridal teams, beauty businesses, or any group of artists looking to take their skills to the next level. But don't worry, our classes are suitable for anyone with a passion for makeup artistry.

Are you ready to take the leap and become the best makeup artist you can be?

Hands On

5 Hours + 2-6+ Artist Starting at $1500+ (+ Travel) 

4 Hours + 1-2 Artists $700+ (+Travel)

salon/group classes

Salon Classes must be booked with us directly. Please text us at (833) 650-1993 or email us via admin@theartisteditstl.com

in-studio faqs

How can I schedule a regular appointment (non-bridal) with an artist?


Click here to request any in studio appointments. You will see a list of artist and the times and dates they have available. If the date is booked, it will not allow you to select any rimes or dates, this just means we don't have those times slots available. 

You can also text us to schedule at (833) 650-1993. We are open Tues-Fri from 10-6, and on Sundays from 12-4. We are closed on Mondays and Saturdays.


I need to cancel, is there a cancellation fee?


Give us a call asap! In the case of a no-call, no-show situation, we will charge 100% of the total cost. If you cancel less than 24 hours of your appointment, we will charge 50% of the service cost. However, if you cancel before the 24-hour window, no payment will be due. We know life happens! *If you cancel more than 3 times with late notice, payment will be due up front for one to continue booking services with us.


Does The Artist Edit have experience working with all types of skin types/tones?


Yes, absolutely! At The Artist Edit, we have extensive experience working with all types of skin types and tones. Our team of experts is well-equipped to cater to diverse skin types and tones, and we strive to deliver the best results for each of our clients. 


Can your artists work with hair extensions?


Yes, absolutely! At The Artist Edit, we have extensive experience working with all types of hair. We can install clip ins, halos, or faux pony tails, provided by the clients for additional cost. However, we ask they are human hair, or you alert your artist if they are not, and for heat not to be used because otherwise hot tools can actually damage them. 


Which makeup lines do your artists use?


We use a diverse range of makeup lines to cater to our clients' specific requests and preferences. Our team at The Artist Edit is constantly learning and educating ourselves on the latest and greatest products in the market, and we stock our pro kits accordingly. If you've seen a makeup brand at Sephora, Nordstrom, or even indie brands chances are it's already in our kit! 


Can The Artist Edit artist create a natural look if I don't usually wear makeup?


Yes, absolutely! Our artists at The Artist Edit are trained to listen to our clients' wishes and deliver the desired results. We understand that not everyone is comfortable wearing a lot of makeup. Our team is adept at getting to know our clients to understand their preferences and ensure that they are comfortable with the final look. 


Can I book The Artist Edit as an event space? 


Absolutely! The Artist Edit has a 3,000 sq space with six private studios dedicated to one-on-one connections between artists and clients. Additionally, we have an open area that can be used for master classes, community events, workshops, and education.

Our all-white area at the back is perfect for photographers, parties, and content creation. We designed the space to be multi-functional for both artists and clients in our community. If you're interested in utilizing our space for your needs, please email us via admin@theartisteditstl.com for more information on the details.