Looking to book hair and makeup for your wedding? Inquire about your date below! For non-bridal services, please check out our services page instead. 







First, confirm your date availability with us.

booking process

Next, pay your $100 non-refundable booking fee to reserve your date.

Complete your questionnaire, which we will send 150 days before your wedding date.

No less than 100 days out from your wedding, we will send your day-of schedule and send over your invoice and contract.



bridal hair & makeup

day of pricing


Bridal Makeup Only


Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup


Bridesmaid Makeup Only


Bridesmaid Hair

$120 - Must be 13 yrs or younger

Jr Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup

$60 - Must be 13 yrs or younger

Jr Bridesmaid Makeup

$60 - Must be 13 yrs or younger

Jr. Bridesmaid Hair

$40 - Must be 6 yrs or younger

Flowergirl Hair & Makeup


This does not include any makeup applied by our team. Our team will just apply a lash to your existing makeup.

Add lashes

$200/hr per artist + travel time

This is for us to stay for your wedding/event for any touch ups or changes. Please note that a full look change (such as hair going from down into an updo) is charged as another full look.

Touch up time


Hair extensions must be provided by you! This includes clip ins, halos, toppers and volume wefts. 


One travel fee is charged by distance there and back from The Artist Edit (63126). This covers up to three artists. Any additional artists needed to accommodate services will result in an additional travel fee.

travel fee

Pricing is $1/minute 

add ons


Bridal Hair & makeup TriaL

trial pricing


Bridal Makeup Trial


Bridal Hair Trial


Bridal Party Hair & makeup TriaL


Bridal Party Makeup Trial


Bridal Party Hair Trial

Are the master artists already booked or outside of your bridal budget? Click here to book with one of our protege artists instead!

Please note that you cannot directly book wedding services with us. To book your wedding, you must first confirm your date availability via the form below.

If your requested date is available, a $100 non-refundable fee will be required to reserve our services. Please allow us 7-14 business days to respond to your inquiry.


your date

thank you! your message has been sent. Please allow us 7-14 business days to respond to your inquiry.

If your requested date is available, a $100 non-refundable fee will be required to reserve our services.  

bridal faqs

Is there a minimum requirement to book bridal services?


The minimum is $1,000 in services for all travel to clients out of our studio.


Can clients/brides opt for airbrush makeup?


Our artists are knowledgeable and certified in airbrush makeup, but choose not to offer for our clients as we aren't ever fully satisfied with the final result. Airbrush makeup doesn't lasts longer, looks more flawless, or transfers less than traditional makeup.

We suggest clients who want airbrush makeup to try a trial with an artist who offers it and then compare results and see what's a better fit for your needs. We completely customize a special combination of products for our brides and bridesmaids, tailored to the specific client's needs.


Is gratuity included in the pricing?


We want to make sure our amazing artists are properly appreciated, so we automatically add a 20% gratuity for all services provided at weddings! While the gratuity isn't included in the base pricing you see listed, you'll be able to see it clearly on your final invoice.


Do you accept partial payments or individual party member payments?


We want to make the payment process as easy as possible for our clients! To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, we kindly ask that the bride collects all payments from individual party members. We only accept one full payment of the total invoiced amount. Let's focus on making your special day amazing, and leave the payment logistics to us!


What is the deadline to finalize headcount, and final details?


At the time of booking (when the booking fee is sent via Venmo) the lead artist will be chosen and confirmed.

At 165 days out a questionnaire will be sent, and all booking procedures will begin as soon as the questionnaire is completed and sent back.

No later than 150 days, the questionnaire must be returned and a schedule will be created from this information.

At 135 days, the bride will receive the contract, schedule, and invoice and has 15 days to review, approve and sign.

At 120 days, no further changes can be made to the schedule, invoice, or contract. The documents must be signed, completed, and returned to confirm services for that day.

7 days out - invoice must be paid.

Day of - No need to worry about money on your wedding day.


How can I book my wedding date and trial?


Please note that you'll need to confirm your date availability with our admin first. Simply click here to fill out our bridal inquiry form and we'll get back to you within 7-10 business days.

If your date is available, we'll require a $100 non-refundable/non transferable fee to reserve our services, which only reserves your date, not our current pricing. Rest assured, we don't need any concrete information up front or signed contracts - we book years in advance and understand it can be challenging to know all the details so soon.


When should I schedule a trial, and are they required?


To book your bridal trial, simply click here to access our direct booking system and select the "Hair & Makeup Ultimate Bridal Trial" service with the artist you have as your lead artist.

We recommend scheduling your trial on a weekday, and it must be booked no later than 15 days prior to your wedding date. However, we understand that everyone has their own preferences, so we suggest doing it at a time that you feel your absolute best.

*Great tip: use your trial hair and makeup for an event like your bridal shower or save-the-date photos!


Is the Artist Edit Studio available to be used as a place to get ready for my wedding?


Absolutely! We have a spacious area that can accommodate your entire bridal party. In fact, we have designated areas specifically for photographers to capture those special moments, as well as private rooms and an open area for those who prefer to get ready together.

To ensure availability, please contact us at admin@theartisteditstl.com for rental inquiries. Plus, we offer fantastic discounts for our brides who choose to get ready with us, as it makes our lives so much easier and hassle-free!


Can I book a trial to try out your services without paying my booking fee?


To ensure that we can accommodate the high demand for weddings, we kindly ask that you book your wedding date before scheduling a trial. Don't worry, there's no deposit required for the total cost of services upfront - just a $100 booking fee to secure your date.

Once you've done that, you can book your trial at your convenience and make sure we're the perfect match for you. If for any reason we're not, you'll only lose the ‘booking fee’ - no strings attached! 


What's the difference between a booking fee and deposit?


In order to secure your date, we require a $100 non-refundable/transferable fee. This fee compensates your lead artist and team members (if applicable) for taking the day off and ensures that we're not accepting any more bookings in store or on location.

Don't worry, we understand plans may change, so no contracts, invoices, or schedules are due or signed at this stage. We want to keep things flexible until you're ready to commit to the full details. Plus, we've implemented this booking fee to ensure that your wedding date remains available for you when you're ready to book your trials.

 At The Artist Edit, we understand that traditional bridal practices require a percentage of the total bill upfront for booking. However, this can be overwhelming for our brides who may not have all the final details in place yet such as the location, headcount of services, and more. To ensure that our brides are stress-free and can secure their wedding date with ease, we have created a simple booking fee system that works for everyone. This way, you don't have to worry about losing your special day to other inquiring bridal parties.


What is the travel fee? 


One travel fee is charged by distance there and back from The Artist Edit (63126). This covers up to three artists in one vehicle. 

However, if additional vehicles are needed to transport more artists, a travel fee of $1 per minute for the round-trip will be charged for each extra car. Please note that this fee only applies to extra cars that are required and does not include any artists who choose to drive themselves.


Can artists travel to multiple locations the day of my wedding?


Certainly! We're more than happy to accommodate artists traveling to multiple locations on the day of your wedding. However, additional travel fees may apply based on the distance and duration required. To provide an accurate quote, we'll need to know the specific addresses and times for each location.


How does The Artist Edit handle large bridal parties?


Our in-house team is comprised of six artists whom we assign to almost every wedding. However, we have also trained a group of freelance artists whom we can call upon to assist us in case of larger weddings that require additional help.

Thus far, we've successfully catered to a wedding with 26 individuals requiring both hair and makeup services. Our aim is to provide everything our brides need for their special day, and have a team of artists we trust and trained to keep work consistent and our bridal party happy.


Can others from the bridal parties receive trials as well?


We're happy to offer trials to other members of the bridal party as well. In fact, we frequently conduct trials for mothers of the bride/grooms and even bridesmaids.

We believe that trials provide an opportunity for them to become more comfortable with their artist, discuss their preferences, and express any concerns they may have. We're always delighted to conduct these trials, which interestingly happen to be the second most popular service on our bridal menu!

Keep this in mind - we do think it's important to have your schedule for day of completed first, so we know that your loved one is doing the trial with the actual artist they are scheduled with on the day of. 


When is my final payment due?


One week out from the wedding/event date. We request that you make ONE payment at least one week before your wedding day.

To make things convenient for you, we offer multiple payment options such as check, cash, or invoicing through Square. You may pay using a debit or credit card through the emailed invoice, which incurs a small service fee of 4%.

Please mark on your questionnaire how you will be paying so we can prepare your invoice accurately before sending it to you.