meet maddie

Maddie brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to the beauty industry, and The Artist Edit team.

Maddie's passion for makeup started at a young age, as she watched her sisters apply makeup and tried to replicate their techniques.

She recognized the artistry involved in makeup and became immersed in studying the craft, quickly realizing it was her true passion.

Maddie's curiosity and eagerness to learn drove her to spend countless hours researching and practicing on herself and anyone willing to let her do their makeup.

maddie's story

Maddie ultimately decided to forego college and jump straight into a full-time career as a makeup artist. 

Coming from a small town with limited opportunities, Maddie sought out one-on-one lessons with leading artists in Saint Louis, including Ashley Edmond and Joy Loveless.

Through her training with them, she gained valuable knowledge and skills and is now excited to continue her journey at the Artist Edit.

Maddie's decision to pursue a makeup career straight out of high school gives her a unique perspective on current trends, putting her ahead of many artists in their careers.

Her old soul with youthful flair sets her apart from the rest and allows her to bridge the gap between the experienced artist and the makeup enthusiast that is now all the rage on social media. 

Although Maddie may not have a decade of experience, her drive and ambition makes her a powerhouse in her own right.

She values her personal growth and the experience of her clients, always striving to create unforgettable exchanges with them. 

The beauty industry is always evolving and changing, and Maddie brings a fresh approach to the field.