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Hannah's love for makeup was sparked by a magical moment on the bathroom floor, watching her mom apply eyeshadow. In 7th grade, she asked her mom to put on her makeup every day until her mom finally said, "Dolly, you're going to need to learn this on your own." And so she did.

Over the years, Hannah has experienced failures, but with each setback, she grew stronger and more committed to her career. Now, she sees beauty in the process, rather than focusing on some pivotal mark or destination.

For Hannah, it's all about maintaining a joyful perspective and helping others achieve their vision of beauty.

hannah's story

Hannah Rudin is a multi-talented freelance artist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. 

Starting her career at ULTA Beauty at age 16, Hannah quickly discovered her love for makeup and people.

She went on to graduate from Paul Mitchell and worked for Nordstrom for 5 years, honing her skills in customer care and product knowledge.

Today, Hannah is a highly sought-after St. Louis Makeup Artist and Bridal Specialist, as well as an educator for local artists, salons, and anyone interested in learning or refreshing their makeup skills.

Hannah's work has been featured in Saint Louis Bridal Magazine, and she has collaborated with some of the best photographers in the St. Louis area, including Rae Marcel, Heather Pippin, Joan Fischer, Shannon Dugherty, Shannon Duggan, Jai Mayhew, Blanca Parciak, Lauren Muckler, ADM photography, etc.

Hannah portfolio includes behind-the-scenes work as a hairstylist and makeup artist for a variety of exciting local brands and businesses, including Normal Brand, Agape by Ashley MacDonald, Collections by Joya, The Bridal Parlor, Gentry's Limited, and Olive and Gene Weddings, and so much more! 

With a deep understanding of her clients' unique visions of beauty, Hannah's mission and responsibility is to bring those visions to life through her artistic talent and skillful execution.

What sets Hannah apart is her commitment to creating a personalized and inclusive beauty experience for everyone.

She believes that beauty is for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Her mission is to create a safe and welcoming space for anyone who loves beauty and wants to learn, create, and feel beautiful.

She believes that investing in education and finding a mentor is the key to success in the beauty industry. She also offers makeup lessons to clients who want to refresh their routine or up their self-care game.

As an educator and mentor, Hannah is passionate about helping artists develop their skills and client connections, while also delivering a luxury client experience.

Above all, Hannah's core values are inclusivity, quality client relationships, and compassionate leadership.

She is LGBTQA+ friendly and encourages everyone to come as they are.

When you work with Hannah, you can expect nothing but the best quality products, optimal results, and a luxury experience that will leave you feeling seen and heard.

Hannah will teach you step by step instructions on the proper tools, products, and new application techniques! This services is BEST done one on one!

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lessons (non-artist)

This is for aspiring artist who want to learn the professional trade of makeup artistry! This class is a one on one lesson where you and Hannah will work on a model together (not provided) and learn the tricks of the trade.

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